Flying plane with fertilizers, and now - smuggling

The plane An-2 loaded with contraband cigarettes from Belarus, crashed in Ukraine. AN-2 fell in the village near the Promin Lutsk, Volyn region. The pilot dead.

The accident occurred on Thursday, March 26 around 00.30. An-2 crashed onto the road, damaging the roof and the fence of a house on Victory Street. And at the same time - and power lines, which is why the village started having problems with the power supply. According to eyewitnesses, "an-2" rose from an improvised airstrip in a field near the crash site. In the air, the pilot turned the car and tried to land on take-off place, however, the plane began to lose altitude ...

It is curious that the locals have long known about the existence of the aircraft and that it is being used for smuggling. Previously, the AN-2 fertilizer scattered on the field, and later bought it and found another, more profitable use. According to Ukrainian Internet resources, villagers claim that the party smuggled cigarettes from Belarus reportedly had to smuggle to Poland.

Experts say that the scale and profitability of smuggling of excise goods has already reached the level of drug trafficking. And in this highly organized underground economy is drawn more and more cross-border population of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the volume of seizures of cigarettes across the border in the millions of packs. For example, only on the Latvian border in the past year were seized 73 million cigarettes, mostly -. With Belarusian excise labels. They tried to import into Latvia by rail, freight and passenger cars, crossed the "green" border and on rafts across the Daugava River.

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