In the UK it closed last in the country Tobacco Factory

May 23, 2016

Closing in Nottingham tobacco factory, owned by Imperial Tobacco Company, will result in the loss of over 500 jobs.


In the UK,  stopped working last in the country tobacco factory, owned by Imperial Tobacco Company. It is reported by the BBC.
Closing in Nottingham tobacco factory, will lead to the loss of over 500 jobs were announced.
The company decided to close its last factory in the country in connection with the transfer of production to other countries with cheaper labor. Transfer of production in Germany and Poland will increase the company's revenue by 320 million pounds ($ 464.2 million).
Also, according to experts, the company Imperial Tobacco plans to focus on the Eastern European and Asian markets.
At the peak of production of this tobacco factory produced 52 billion cigarettes a year, but since then the demand for cigarettes in the UK is very much down because of negative attitudes to smoking in society.
Imperial Tobacco Group - the world's fourth-largest tobacco company, one of the two founders of the group of British American Tobacco.

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June 22, 2017

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