Smuggling in Transcarpathia: cigarettes "planted" on drones

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Once the customs have become stricter to monitor tobacco smuggling, "sigaretchiki" actively use new exotic method of smuggled cigarettes - UAVs, or drones.

New smuggling scheme

Dealers duty-free entry to Ukraine allegedly drones for reconnaissance in the zone ATO, and then resell the smugglers.

Those blocks are attached with cigarettes to these mini-planes on the radio and sent across the border (overseas smokes several times more expensive), there is a foreign product meets the "partner", binds and sends money back unit.

As told to us in the West regional management Border Service, with the beginning of the year on the western border spotted about three dozen drones and hang-gliders, which in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia were flying cigarettes.

Smuggler who was caught running a smart device faces a fine of up to 18 thousand UAH, or restriction of freedom up to three years.

But most importantly - confiscated drones, which are, as a new car budget model.

How to say people in the know, the machine quickly pays for itself, so the money to buy it do not regret.

"After a year of the incident in Mukachevo carry cigarettes abroad in the recesses in the machines became riskier. Agree with border guards and customs officers along the old canals more difficult - there is now the SBU for all monitors, there are often rounded up "- he told us a resident of Vynohradiv district in Transcarpathia, not by hearsay familiar with the smuggling of cigarettes.

According to him, the cigarette still throws and crossbows, and with divers trafficked. But safer to use drones, by the people "wrappers", or the code name "pigeon post".

"Should such a device is not cheap - about 10 thousand dollars, but these costs can be quickly repelled. Over time the drone can carry 10-15 cartons of cigarettes. A pack of cigarettes running such as "Prima" in our wholesale cost 12-13 USD, in Hungary in terms of the hryvnia - 30-35 UAH ", - said our interlocutor.

On the block you can earn from 150 UAH per one flight - about $ 100. During the night (with drones working at night), you can send a drone five times - it is a gain of about $ 500.

"In a month - 10-15 thousand dollars. True, it is necessary each time to change the routes to pograntsy not detected and shot down. It happens that the drone does not reach, or falls in the forest, but it does not happen often. Drones land at 30-50 km from the border, "- continues our source.

Where to buy drone

Buy drone can be on the ads on the Internet. In social networks there are entire clubs drones owners.

On page one of the users are actively interested in the machines, and of the questions it is clear that the purpose of smuggled contraband.

"Who can assemble the machine to lift loads of up to 10 kg, suffered up to 5 km, and then came back" - is interested in a certain Ivan Ivanov. "With such a weight not fly far, up to a maximum of one kilometer", - explained he expertly.

"Vesti" Contact Seller drones, hinting, for which we supposedly need a drone.

"You fit" quadrocopters "on the remote control, it is not less than 7000 dollars. And for your purposes better to take the unit from 10 thousand dollars (240 thousand USD) - this is guaranteed not grohnetsya somewhere halfway on someone's head - immediately realized what it was about at the other end, "- said the seller.

This model, at the seller's words, is able to pick up and deliver to the destination up to five kilograms (cigarette block weighs about 250 grams - that is, up to 20 units will take).

"This drone is stable and to heat and cold, not much noise (you do not need to be calculated according to the motor humming). It flies up to 50 km in both directions ", - advertise our goods.

Border guards are powerless?

Border guards recognized that intercept the "flying smuggler" is not easy.

"They fly high - for GPS-navigation. The "live" without calculating drone, radar a little thing not to notice. Soon will have to put in the air defense system of the border ", - joked one of the guards of the Lviv region.

According to him, the dealers sell drones smugglers imported ostensibly for ATO zone:

And then there are craftsmen who carved the whole mini-airplanes with a wingspan of up to four meters, so you can smuggle a box of cigarettes (50 blocks). But such a device more and more noticeable, smugglers prefer a more compact device. They cost 3-5 thousand dollars, together with the management, but sell them, of course, two or three times more expensive, said the border guard.

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