Border guards detained the plane An-2 when trying to smuggle cigarettes into Poland

Contraband cigarettes

Arrested two organizers of the smuggling

Ukrainian border guards detained in the Ternopil region AN-2 for attempting to smuggle about 70 Master case of cigarettes to Poland.

This is the official site of the State Border Service.

"In criminal proceedings the operational-search Division of the Western regional management with the involvement of mobile outposts in Kremenets district, Ternopil region have detained the plane An-2 are the perpetrators planned to move a large amount of tobacco products in Poland." - Said in a statement.

Also, border guards discovered and probable organizers of smuggling and two of their car.

"Some of the people tried to escape after the exposure to the place, but they did not succeed", - the report says.

The plane and car guards found about 70 master cases of cigarettes. The border guards have reported the detention of his Polish colleagues to those searches conducted on its territory.

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