On the Polish underground tobacco factory detained 7 Ukrainians

The police identified the Lower Silesia another illegal tobacco factory. During the raid, the Polish law enforcement officers detained in Wroclaw and Lublin 15 employees, and 7 were Ukrainians. Official charges have already put forward in respect of 9 detainees, and the next 3 months they will spend behind bars. The two detainees - citizens of Poland - charged with organizing a criminal group, providing for up to 5 years in prison, others threatened heavy fines and imprisonment for up to 3 years, on September 5 reported the Central Bureau of Investigation CBSP Poland.

Thanks to the joint work of the police, border guards and customs officers managed to stop the activities of the criminal group along the entire chain - from raw material procurement to production and storage of finished products. The production capacity of the line was illegal 3000 cigarettes a minute, and packing machine gave out 150 packs per minute. Manufacturing of production is shipped to European markets.

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