Turkmenistan: One cigarette a dollar, and it is not the limit

Cigarettes wholesale

Some time ago, a special order of the President to state enterprises was transferred to a monopoly on the trade in tobacco products, but the windows, where they should be placed cigarettes, cigarettes and shag are empty. At the same time dependent on the tobacco people know where and from whom they can buy tobacco. According to sources, ANT, a pack of cigarettes can now get it at a cost of 50 to 60 and even 65 manat ($ 14- $ 17- $ 18.5), depending on the region, and even a particular area of ​​the capital. Among those offering tobacco from under the counter, the same sellers or professionals in the field of state trade. Apparently, in the absence of revenue they bought the remainder and now sell it in several times more expensive for those who can not do without inhaling. Meanwhile, not every smoker is able to afford a pack of cigarettes at a price equal to the average of 10 kilograms of sugar, so sellers offer good piece. So, one cigarette is 2.5 manat in some areas of the capital and 3.5 manats in Balkan and Akhal provinces. This 1 dollar at the official rate. According to sources, per cigarette, figuratively speaking, it can be to exchange a kilo of sugar or the same kilo of apples or grapes, and in Ashgabat - a package of yogurt. The result is not so noticeable for the pocket as if to buy a whole pack. Source ANT, who worked at the end of last and the beginning of this century in the airline "Turkmenhowayollary" recalls crew at the time were taken to Europe from Turkmenistan cheap cigarettes and resold them there, having established a successful business. "Now everything has changed, - says a former airline employee - and has cigarette blocks from Europe became cheaper than in our country. If there are restrictions - there is always a way to get around them, and who is making this a profitable business. " Find a way to make up for shortage of tobacco and smokers themselves. Thus, according to reports from the Turkmenbashi many as in the old days, "tar" shag, which is a small cup under the counter for 1 manat. "Heavy smokers as much want to be delayed, and there is nothing, trying to replace tobacco hand-rolled cigarette in black tea. But still it does not help them, but because some just do not find the place itself, like drug addicts during the withdrawal ... "- says a resident of the city on the Caspian Sea. People who are in search of cigarettes can not be anything else to think, not too restrain themselves in expressions against the one who started the anti-tobacco campaign. "Encouraged by the praise of the WHO director general Margaret Chan and Regional Director for Europe Zsuzsanna Jakab Office [the two women were awarded the Order" Bitaraplyk "- approx. ANT] head of state gave his word in 2025 to make Turkmenistan free from tobacco - write to the editor. - His praise, and he is happy to try. " Local observers believe that the freedom of smoking in Turkmenistan will be achieved ahead of schedule.

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