The diplomat, who was involved in a scandal with smuggling cigarettes from Ukraine to Slovakia, dism

The first secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in Slovakia Oksana Lischishin fired for violation of the oath, told the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Contraband cigarettes

The first secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in Slovakia Oksana Lischishin, which was involved in smuggling schemes, dismissed from the diplomatic service. This "European truth," said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko. "She dismissed with the phrase" for the violation of the oath "It is connected with the smuggling episode basis for such conclusions were the results of an official investigation.." - He said. According Pristayko, Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have the conclusions of law enforcement agencies to open in respect of the production of Ukrainian diplomats. "We did not wait for the conclusion of law enforcement agencies, but I very much hope that the prosecutor's office and the court will give a proper assessment of the actions Lischishin." - Added the official. May 21 Transcarpathian customs officers at the checkpoint "Luzhanka" detained the car that tried to smuggle cigarettes under the guise of diplomatic cargo. Behind the wheel of a van with diplomatic plates was a resident of Kiev Sergey Lischishin, the husband of the first secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in Slovakia Oksana Lischishin. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine withdrew from the Embassy of Slovakia supernumerary smuggling scandal. Transcarpathian region prosecutor's office conducts criminal proceedings on the fact of abuse of power and forgery of documents by employees of the diplomatic mission of Ukraine.

Smuggling cigarettes
Smuggling cigarettes

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