Ukrainian border guards detained a man, he shipping cigarettes with drone to Hungary

In Uzhgorod district smuggler tried to escape from the border guards in the bushes, but was arrested.

shipping cigarettes with drone

Transcarpathia October 15 Ukrainian border guards found and detained a citizen of Ukraine with the unmanned aerial vehicle and the cigarette packages that man shipped to Hungary. As the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine, the border guards department "Tisa" Chop detachment recorded flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle, and then not far from the state border quadrocopter type drone "8 screws" and the man was discovered, which presumably they managed with the aim of smuggled cigarettes in Hungary. "When approaching the frontier detail the man tried to run away and hide in the bushes, however, he did not succeed, the border guards have detained the offender, who is a citizen of Ukraine, a resident of the city Chop.", - Said in a statement. The State Border Service added that near quadrocopters law enforcers found a bag in which there were 16 cartons of cigarettes Marlboro Ukrainian production and 16 cartons of cigarettes were attached to the aircraft itself.

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