What is the taste and "strength" of the new Heets Teak?

It is a clean, rich, tobacco aroma, without menthol and minty freshness, but with soft creamy nutty notes on the palate.

The closest analogues of HEETS Teak in taste and intensity are Heets Amber and Heets Bronze. So we can say that the new sticks are suitable for those who like stronger flavors.

But let's note right away that we are not talking about the strength of taste in the cigarette sense. Rather, about its intensity, concentration. In cigarettes, the strength is determined by the tar content of the smoke generated by the combustion of tobacco. HEETS sticks are designed to be heated, not ignited, so there is no smoke with combustion products (including resins) when using IQOS. Therefore, the "cigarette" definition of strength is not applicable to sticks. Nicotine content also does not play a role in flavor saturation. Moreover, its concentration is the same in all IQOS sticks.

User reviews for Heets Teak

Some IQOS users claim that these sticks are ideal for coffee flavor.

What the taste of the new Heets Teak is like - many of our customers answered:

  • nutty, goes well with coffee

  • for a chocolate bar

  • somewhere in between Amber and Bronze

  • creamy

  • creamy nutty, soft

Where buy Heets Teak Wholesale?

For wholesale supplies, you can contact the wholesale supplier - Zotty LTD

They have been specializing in wholesale supplies for many years.

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