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IQOS VEEV Available. Mini-vape from IQOS. Finally!

Finally! The first mini-vape IQOS in stock. Each novelty is like a new season in the series. This season will not be about IQOS and lil SOLID heating systems, but about the first electronic cigarette from IQOS - IQOS VEEV.

IQOS VEEV are available for wholesale supply from Zotty LTD

What is IQOS VEEV mini-vape?

IQOS VEEV is the first electronic cigarette (you can also call it a mini-vape or subsystem) from IQOS. Unlike other IQOS and lil SOLID gadgets, the IQOS VEEV heats liquid, not tobacco. When heated, aromatic vapor is formed, which contains 95% less harmful substances compared to cigarette smoke *.

Important information: this is not necessarily a 95% reduction in risk. IQOS VEEV does not exclude all risks.

* Source: Average decrease in the levels of a number of harmful chemicals (except nicotine) compared to the smoke of the "reference" cigarette.

"Features" IQOS VEEV

IQOS VEEV is not similar to IQOS tobacco heating systems, nor to other subsystems or disposable electronic cigarettes.

  • Behind IQOS VEEV is a serious research base. It took us more than 6 years of development and research to create a less harmful alternative to smoking in the mini-vape format.

  • Unique IQOS MESH technology from Germany. The heating element (evaporator) is designed in the form of a mesh. This mesh is completely immersed in the liquid in the hearth. Contact with the liquid is not interrupted until the liquid in the hearth is completely finished. Due to this, each puff has an evenly rich taste. When the fluid level drops, the control sensors turn off the device. This provides protection against dry and burnt puffs (as is the case with vapes).

  • Touch mode is an unusual feature of IQOS VEEV. With each puff, the device vibrates slightly. You can adjust different vibration modes or simply turn off this feature.

  • The mobile application IQOS App allows you to connect VEEV via Bluetooth and configure "for yourself". With the help of the program you can change the vibration modes and the amount of steam, choose the backlight, update the firmware and even find a lost device.

  • The design of IQOS VEEV is in the spirit of the main line of devices. Or even cooler. The case is made of solid aluminum. Matte metallic coating enhances the impression.

Where is it fashionable to buy IQOS VEEV wholesale?

New IQOS VEEV can be ordered from wholesale supplier Zotty

Zotty is a worldwide wholesaler. Please contact your supplier for more details.


All IQOS VEEV colors are available from Zotty: aquamarine, graphite, gold, blue and copper.

Graphite, gold and blue devices are similar in color to the same IQOS DUO. But turquoise and copper are completely new shades on the palette of IQOS brand colors.

IQOS VEEV: included

The standard complete set of IQOS VEEV includes the following elements:

  • IQOS VEEV device itself

  • charging cable (Type C-Type C)

  • adapter (Type C)

Important: pods are not included with the device. They must be ordered separately.


To use IQOS VEEV you will need special disposable pods VEEV.

They are sold in 2 pods in a package and 300 in a master box

Basements are not required and are not intended for refueling. When the cartridge runs out, just replace it with a new one. It's easy to understand that the pod is over. First, He will stop "stretching" and begin to blink. Secondly, through the transparent window in pod it will be visible that the liquid has run out.

The volume of the hearth VEEV 1.5 ml. This is enough for an average of 400 puffs. Accordingly, packages of 2 floors - about 800 puffs. The concentration of nicotine in the hearth is 3.5%.

All VEEV hearths are made in the EU.

Flavors for IQOS VEEV

  • VEEV Classic Blond - a mild tobacco flavor with light floral notes.

  • VEEV Classic Mint - the aroma of sweet cool mint.

  • VEEV Green Mix is a refreshing menthol fragrance with herbal notes.

  • VEEV Sunglow Mix - juicy aroma of ripe fruit with spicy notes.

  • VEEV Red Mix is a sweet and juicy berry aroma.

  • VEEV Mauve Mix is a bright tropical fragrance with spicy notes.

The taste of IQOS VEEV is not at all similar to the aromas of HEETS joints, and even more so to cigarettes. If IQOS heats natural tobacco, IQOS VEEV evaporates the liquid. This explains the difference in taste.

Technical characteristics of IQOS VEEV

  • Weight: 33 g

  • Width: 15.9 mm

  • Height: 98.9 mm

  • Full charge time: 30 minutes

  • Optimal operating temperature range: 0-40⁰C

  • Type-C charging port

  • Supports Bluetooth

  • Battery capacity 230 mAh

Wholesale supply of tobacco products, IQOS, lil Solid, VEEV, Heets, Fiit directly from the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD

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