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HEETS Tobacco Sticks for IQOS Overview of All Flavors

One can only guess why the leadership of Phillip Morris decided to abandon the use of the Parliament brand in the product line for IQOS. Now you can buy from an official representative, only HEETS sticks, branded as if specifically for IQOS.

Of course, they will assure that HEETS is Parliament. Maybe this will convince the beginner, but as an experienced IQOS user, I will tell you that this is not so.

The difference is just huge, and not only in taste, but also in the details of the design of the stick itself.

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HEETS Stick Tastes for IQOS

As we recall, the Parliament had only two tastes. Marlboro sticks had too many flavors, as many as six. HEETS are not far behind now! In the fall of 2018, they released two more new flavors. Consider them in more detail.

Sticks HEETS Amber Label

We start the review with the strongest sticks. Hits Amber has the most intense tobacco flavor. The smell, by the way, as it seemed to me, is stronger from it than from other brands. Even to taste stronger than the standard Blue Parliament. Together with all its signs such as strength and taste, you can recommend it to those who are trying to start smoking IQOS after regular cigarettes. Because lighter sticks seem too chemical in the beginning.

Sticks HEETS Yellow Label

Yellow hits is a light version of amber. When you ask parliament in a store, propose it, saying that it is as similar as possible. It’s immediately obvious that people either didn’t smoke what they were selling themselves or were trying to mislead you with some marketing tricks. Well, in general, smoking is not disgusting, for everyday use, most smokers will satisfy.

Sticks HEETS Turquoise Label

Menthol turquoise hits. Menthol seemed to me bitterly, and too strong, like Mint Marlborough. I did not like. Although the taste of tobacco is almost not felt, everything is clogged with mint. Well, no fortress, perhaps even less than in yellow.

Sticks HEETS Purple Label

A purple pack of heats filled with berry aroma. It smells strongly, mint and currants. The taste is balanced, pleasant. Not so minty, not strong on tobacco, a little too fragrant, but overall the best.

Sticks HEETS Bronze Label

Bronze brand of IQOS sticks, with a bright taste of chocolate, and a soft finish of cocoa with dried fruits. Very similar to chocolate Capitan black. Chocolate-rich tobacco lovers will appreciate it. For me personally, this taste resembles my favorite pipe tobacco from WO Larssen. It is felt that they did the sticks qualitatively and honestly in order to surprise.

Sticks HEETS Green Zing

Great refreshing taste! Feels citrus. Immediately sweet and aftertaste with a slight sourness. Very similar to the sweet cigarettes from Mack Barren, apparently a mixture of herbs and lime gives this result. In general, not for everyday pokur, but to diversify - completely.

Sticks HEETS from Parliament and HEETS Marlboro

These, apparently, were some kind of test samples, because now they cannot be found on the market. Nothing to do with either marlboro or parliament.

HEETS Stick Pack

The packaging design has become similar to the device itself. Concise, without unnecessary elements and design solutions. I would even say that it is too modest (remember the sticks of Marlboro), although the letters are now embossed.

There is no data on the nicotine content, as usual. It even starts to be a little alarming.

What IQOS sticks are made of

The modest design of the pack hides a too tricked stick in itself.

Yes, there’s no air filter anymore, well, not Parliament! Connoisseurs may be upset, I do not care.

Also in the filter at the stick is a layer of gel that cools the smoke during smoking. Immediately he is in a gel-like state, but in the process of smoking he is sintered by temperature.

Another novelty is a thin layer of foil between the paper and the tobacco sheet. Glycerin does not leak through it, and the heating in the stick lasts longer. This does not affect the quality, but the stick itself is really black after use.

Where to buy HEETS sticks in bulk (wholesale)?

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