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Premium line of IQOS VEEV floors

IQOS VEEV has a new premium line of floors. Unusual, for amateurs, for gourmets and connoisseurs of pure tobacco flavors. In addition to fruit, berry and mint floors, a premium line of cartridges for IQOS VEEV with 3 tobacco flavors - VEEV Accents is added.

The liquid for these floors is based on natural tobacco, and the nicotine content varies from 0.9% to 1.5%.

VEEV cartridge are available for wholesale supply from Zotty LTD

What is unusual in the premium line of VEEV Accents?

You will immediately recognize the new collection of floors on chocolate packaging with gold embossing with the signature Accents.

In the premium line of VEEV Accents floors - exclusively tobacco aromas. At every stage, from harvesting tobacco to turning it into a liquid for hearths, we take care to preserve the authentic taste of tobacco. Accent uses natural nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco leaves and is not synthesized in the laboratory. The aroma of tobacco in the hearth is brighter, and the taste of the aerosol is more pronounced.

The main line of floors for IQOS VEEV has a wide range of flavors: sweet fruit, sour berries, herbal and fresh menthol. Premium Accents focus only on tobacco. Yes, the main line also has a tobacco flavor - VEEV Classic Blond, but it has a subtle tobacco aroma, with pronounced floral notes. At the same time, you can enjoy the aroma of tobacco in premium accents, and even choose your "own" level of saturation.

Also, the premium line differs from other VEEV floors in the amount of nicotine. If in all floors of the main line of VEEV - 3.5% of nicotine, in VEEV Accents its content varies. There are less saturated pods, and there are "heavier".

Tastes of VEEV Accents floors

There are three flavors in the premium line of VEEV Accents. Each of the three is tobacco, but with its own unique shades, different levels of saturation and different concentrations of nicotine. It is easy to determine in which pack the pods are less saturated and in which more. The lighter the taste and the less nicotine in the pods - the lighter the pack. Yes, in soft floors with the least amount of nicotine inserts on the pack will be light brown. And the floors with the most pronounced and rich taste - chocolate.

Also, all packs on the front side indicate the nicotine content.

VEEV Accents Bright Blend are the lightest podiums in the line. They contain only 0.9% (10 mg) of nicotine. They have a light tobacco taste with herbal and floral notes.

VEEV Accents Balanced Blend - podiums with medium "strength". The nicotine content is 1.2% (13 mg) per 1.5 ml of liquid. These pods have a mild tobacco taste with spicy notes.

VEEV Accents Rich Blend - the most rich in taste pods. In one cartridge - 1.5% (17 mg) of nicotine per milliliter of liquid. They have a rich tobacco taste with a pleasant coffee aftertaste.

How much are VEEV Accents and where to buy them wholesale?

You can order wholesale VEEV pods from the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD.

You can contact us with any questions regarding the wholesale supply of cigarettes and sticks for IQOS and lil Solid.

We wish you happy shopping and successful business!


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