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Smugglers have arranged shooting in Mukachevo: four people in hospital.

During the shootout at gas stations under Mukachevo injured 4 people. The shooting was provoked by the conflict over the smuggling of cigarettes from Ukraine to Romania, local media reported.

On Tuesday evening in the village Solotvyno in Mukachevo district skirmish at one of the petrol stations. Reported Mukachevo . net.

According to the publication, in a shootout involved local criminal gangs. "Showdown" occurred at one of the local gas station, where there was a pre-agreed "arrow".

In Tyachiv district hospital reported that to them were hospitalized four people with gunshot wounds. One of them - in critical condition with wounds to the chest and abdomen, it operated all night. Perhaps the man was shot at point blank range.

All residents are hospitalized and Mukavskogo Mukachevo district.

Immediately after the fire was raised to his feet the entire staff of the Transcarpathian police, including commandos, have been exposed to mobile posts in the area and Tyachev Justa. Previously, up to 10 people were involved in a shootout.

According to the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Gennady Moskal, shooting in the village of Lower Apsha it was triggered conflict over cigarette smuggling from Ukraine to Romania. This was reported on its official website.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the conflict - in debt for supplied cigarettes to smugglers Tyachivschini received from Mukachevo, but did not pay for them, since the lost goods during smuggle across the border. First, the two groups came verbal skirmish, which grew into a fight. Then one of the participants pulled out of the car sub-machine gun of a foreign proceeding and opened fire indiscriminately. More than 20 bullets were fired. As a result, injured four men aged 22 to 36 years old.

"The cause of fire was the conflict due to cigarette smuggling Ukrainian-Romanian section." Green border "within the Transcarpathian region -. The most problematic Local people are constantly trying to smuggle cigarettes into Romania through Tisza (in the summer the river can be forded) The situation with smuggling. impairs the very poor performance of both Ukrainian and Romanian border guards, "- said Moskal.

He also said that publicly warned the chief of Mukachevo border detachment that if he did not put things in order in the area entrusted to him the border with Romania (Solotvyno - White Church - Meadow), his inactivity will be informed by the management of the State Border Service.

This Moskal said that to effectively combat cigarette smuggling will be when it will be introduced for criminal responsibility.

"Management Natspolitsii in the Transcarpathian region have been instructed in the shortest possible time to hold all participants shootout By the way, one of the representatives." Tyachiv group "- is acting deputy regional council of" United Center ", - added the head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration.

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