Evolution of IQOS: what was in the past, what to expect in the future

We live in an era of very rapid progress: inventions change the world, our way of life, habits and the way we interact with the world. The innovative heating system IQOS has contributed to this flow of change.

Formally, the idea was to create a compact device for heating tobacco. But in fact, it was about creating a new format that has a number of advantages over the traditional one: convenient, technological, giving less odor and eliminating smoke and ash.

Philip Morris International (PMI) made the right decision, defining a new course of development and focusing on a smoke-free alternative. The company makes significant investments in the development of such innovations: this, as they say in FMI, is their mission - to build a technological and comfortable future without cigarette smoke. Since 2008, more than $ 6 billion has been invested in the development, production, marketing and commercialization of products with reduced risk.

Smokeless alternative was needed for many reasons. It is already obvious that in the world of the future people with bad habits will have a hard time. 10–15 years ago there were no bans, which now seem to be the norm, and the number of counter-measures is increasing. IQOS managed to occupy a new promising niche and, apparently, it will become a solution for many people.

1. How it all began

In 2014, the IQOS heating system appeared on the market: it was first seen in Nagoya (Japan) and Milan (Italy), a year later - in Russia. At first, the consumer looked at the new product with surprise, many did not dare to get to know him better. First of all, “mods” and fans of progress and high technologies paid attention to IQOS: some liked the design of the device, and the latter wanted to touch the future. Now IQOS geography extends to 45 countries of the world, and in fact only 5 years have passed - it says a lot.

The main feature of IQOS is the HeatControl ™ technology. Its principle is that the heating element maintains a temperature at which no combustion occurs - no more than 350 ° C. The temperature limit was chosen far from random: this value allows you to fully reveal the organoleptic properties and, importantly, keep them unchanged during the entire session of use. The temperature of burning cigarettes reaches from 600 to 800 ° C.

Maintaining a stable temperature in a small volume with a non-constant external temperature and other conditions is a complex engineering task that requires fine-tuning of all systems, and IQOS engineers brilliantly coped with it. This technology has many features: when using IQOS, 95% less harmful substances are released compared to cigarettes *.

Important: this does not mean a 95% reduction in risk. Using IQOS does not eliminate health risks.

* Average reduction in the levels of harmful substances (excluding nicotine) in an IQOS aerosol compared to the smoke of the reference cigarette used in the study (3R4F).