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HEETS - Tropical Swift

New flavors of HEETS sticks continue to emerge. Tropical Swift is another newcomer.

Heets are available for wholesale supply from Zotty LTD

For a year and a half with IQOS, all stick tastes have already become boring. Addictions migrate from menthol to simple and vice versa.

What's with taste?

Tropical Swift has tropical fruity notes. Judging by the reviews of those who have already tried it, it smells very aggressive from the pack, but when smoking, the taste is not as bright as the aroma.

Scent - 3\5

Density - 2\5

Saturation 3\5

Freshness - 2\5

The manufacturer claims such parameters.

From my personal test, I can make the following conclusion.

1- menthol in taste is really less, it is present but not as bright as all other tastes

2 - I cannot convey the taste by itself, since I do not know what fruit flavors it is mixed with. But there is definitely something sweet tropical, and there is definitely more than one aroma mixed in the taste

3 - the taste is generally pleasant, in terms of pleasantness it is the most delicious taste of all HEETS flavors

4 - it remains to understand how quickly I get tired of this taste.

Where can I buy new HEETS wholesale?

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HEETS Tropical - Wholesale

Large assortment of original HEETS for Duty Free sale.

Always fresh goods do not exceed 30-60 days from the date of production.

Philip Morris - ITALY.

MOQ - 5000 cartons

Heets sticks can be purchased in bulk from the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD

Wholesale deliveries can be ordered from Zotty LTD


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