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Japanese Marlboro HeatSticks for IQOS

What is the taste of Marlboro HeatStick Dimensions, first Japan's product that made in limited-time?

In May of this year, Philip Morris Japan released Marlboro Heatstick Dimensions as the first time-limited product in Japan from the Marlboro Heatstick, a tobacco stick designed specifically for IQOS.

Three brands are represented: "AMMIL", "NOOR" and "YUGEN". You will be able to enjoy an endlessly wide world of flavors called "Travel with rich taste".

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An endless world of taste inspired by the beauty of nature.

What's amazing about this cigarette stick is that these are three brands created in collaboration with top chefs and mixologists (people who make original cocktails from raw materials). Flavor chef Huang Amador and mixologist Rene Sofner work with world-renowned experts and both are inspired by nature.

So what does a new cigarette stick look like? Noda, an editorial staff member, believes that heated cigarettes are one of the essential items for a comfortable home time.

First off, AMMIL is a flavored menthol brand with a delicate blend of fresh spices and muted herbs that accentuate an unexpected creaminess. The aroma is slightly strong and there is no strong crunchy sensation, so this taste may be somewhat unsatisfactory for users looking for stimulation.

Further, NOOR is a brand of ordinary flavor with bright light, warmth of nature and tingling sensation. It had the strongest smell and the thickest mouthpiece. Recommended for users with poor menthol intake.

Finally, YUGEN comes from the Japanese word yugen. It is a flavor-type menthol brand with an aroma that mimics the mystery of the universe, a taste that gives off a strong personality and is characterized by a rich floral aroma with many aromas and strong menthol. The aroma is strong and intense. It was the most recommended scent, thanks to which you can fully enjoy the unique sensation of softness of menthol.

Where can I buy Marlboro Dimensions in wholesale?

Wholesale supplier Zotty LTD delivers worldwide.

You can contact the supplier directly through the direct website here.

IQOSのマールボロ-卸売用品。 日本語版。 すべてのフレグランスがご利用いただけます。