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What is Lil SOLID? A device for heating tobacco is now in stock.

Every year, more and more smokers are switching from cigarettes to less harmful and safer alternatives.

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On September 7, IQOS presented a new device for heating tobacco - lil SOLID. The gadget was created by the Korean company KT&G.

Earlier this year, PMI and KT&G signed an agreement that PMI will represent the company's products outside of South Korea. Today lil can already be bought in IQOS Space branded stores.

Together with the device, a new line of Fiit sticks appeared. So far, there are only 3 flavors in the line: Regular, Viola and Crisp.

LIL OLID is a more affordable model compared to advanced IQOS devices.

The gadget works on the principle of heating tobacco (like the better known devices IQOS and glo). There is a so-called heater needle inside the device. When the stick is inserted into the lil, the needle heats the tobacco from the inside. At the same time, the tobacco does not burn or smolder. Therefore, there is no smoke and ash during use. A light aerosol evaporates from the tobacco.

When inhaling aerosol, much less harmful substances enter the body than when smoking cigarettes. Aerosol does not have the strong and corrosive launching effect of cigarette smoke. It does not absorb into hair and fabric, does not remain on clothes and furniture, and does not lead to secondhand smoke.

Construction and design of the device.

This model can be easily compared with the IPhone SE.

Lil is packed in a beautiful white box, just like an iPhone. From the moment of purchase, there is already a feeling that you have bought something cool.

Lil is considered a more budget option with a cool set of technical characteristics. At the same time, it looks stylish and technologically advanced. This is a good alternative to the more expensive IQOS models. In fact, lil SOLID has become for IQOS something like a second line of fashion brands.

The design is quite simple, you can intuitively figure out what works and how it works without instructions. There is only one button on lil SOLID, large and noticeable. It will be difficult to miss. She performs all the necessary tasks - turns on, reboots and even turns on self-cleaning. The indicator on the button in different colors gives signals about the amount of charge.

So far, Lil comes in only three basic colors - blue, black and white.

There is no burning when using the device.

lil SOLID heats the tobacco, not ignites it. As a result, much less harmful substances are emitted compared to cigarettes. And the products of combustion are exactly what harm smokers the most.

Lil is enough for 20 sticks without additional charging.

Lil Solid pros and cons.

Lil Solid pros:

1. The battery lasts for 20 sticks without recharging.

2. Intuitive and easy to use.

3. Compatible with IQOS sticks. Both Heets and Fiit come up to Leal.

4. The tobacco is heated with a needle blade from the inside,

not along the perimeter through a layer of paper.

5. Price. USD 30, is half the price of the flagship model IQOS 3 DUO.

Lil Solid Cons:

1. It's still not IQOS - no technical specifications will make it an IQOS.

2. The case is larger than that of the IQOS holder, the more so than a regular cigarette.

3. No customization. Only 3 colors, no interchangeable color accessories.

Who is Lil suitable for?

1. Price matters to you.

2. The brand and everything behind it matters. A brand is not a feature set that you buy. This is how and who you feel with the purchase. Lil, although it costs less than IQOS 3 DUO, still does not fall into the "chipnyak" category. This is how you can find cheaper - vapes, Chinese clones.

3. You are used to smoking several cigarettes one after the other. Or often spend time in large companies, where it is common to shoot cigarettes.

4. You've tried IQOS but you didn't like the taste / smell. You've tried glo, but you don't like the ergonomics and taste that wanes by the fifth puff.

Note that Lil is a good gift for friends or family who smoke. Lil is not that expensive. So if the gift suddenly “does not accept”, then the loss is small. And if it does, then you will be sure that you have presented one of the best gadgets for smokers on the market. Heating technology is less harmful not only for the smoker, but also for everyone around. There are no harmful substances in the aerosol, therefore, there is no secondhand smoke either. The aerosol dissipates quickly, so you can even use it at home.

Where Can I Buy Lil Solid bulk?