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Wholesale cigarettes: how and where to buy cheap?

Wholesale supply of Duty Free cigarettes - Zotty LTD

cigarettes wholesale delivery and supply bulk

The tobacco market is considered the fastest growing. And there is nothing surprising here.

Even despite the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, sales of tobacco products are constantly growing. Every year, the percentage of consumption increases by 2-3% and has already reached the level of 5 trillion cigarettes per year.

But despite this, the cost of tobacco products is not decreasing, but on the contrary, they are steadily rising in price. In this regard, people are constantly looking for where it is cheaper to buy their favorite cigarettes Marlboro, Davidoff, Parliament, Winston, Heets, etc.

And there is such a place - the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD.

Which brands are popular today?

On the site zotty ltd you can find a lot of worthy products from world manufacturers of popular brands. These include the following:

  • Marlboro are the most popular cigarettes made from natural tobaccos. On sale is a whole line of products of different strengths, flavored and not, with filters of various designs and much more.

  • Davidoff - common tobacco products, the manufacture of which uses high-quality raw materials. There is also a whole line of brand products.

  • Parliament is a premium line from the manufacturer Philip Morris. They have a pleasant aroma and mild taste.

  • Winston are light flavored cigarettes. They are very popular among lovers of light cigarettes.

  • Heets - The most popular sticks for IQOS heating systems

This is only a small part of the entire range that Zotty LTD offers its visitors. In addition, on the zotty ltd website you can buy IQOS sticks cheaply.

Cigarettes wholesale, BAT, Duty Free warehouse stock
Who buys cigarettes in bulk?

Buying cigarettes in bulk is suitable for medium and small businesses. Entrepreneurs get a reliable supplier of quality products. You will always have the maximum range of goods that you will purchase at the best price.

The advantage of ordering in bulk for the business and the entrepreneur is obvious. You save a lot on the purchase of cigarettes - up to 50% on each pack. You will have a good supply of popular cigarettes for a profitable sale.

How profitable to buy cigarettes in bulk?

If you need to buy cigarettes in bulk - Marlboro, Parliament, Davidoff, Dunhill, Heets or other popular products, you need to contact the Zotty LTD manager.

Here only high-quality goods from trusted manufacturers.

You can place an order with the manager by contacting through the contact page.

Let us know which cigarettes you want to order, how many and where delivery is needed.

Sending orders by sea, air or freight transport around the world.

Marlboro Wholesale stock.

Large assortment of original cigarettes

for Duty Free sale.

Always fresh goods do not exceed 30-60 days from the date of production.

Philip Morris - Swiss.

MOQ - 5000 cartons


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