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In the United States began to sell Marlboro cigarettes with marijuana

Marlboro M

Four US states - Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska residents celebrate the complete and final victory legalise. Now it will be possible to buy marijuana cigarette company Philip Morrisdlya recreational use. Smoke, I stopped zaserat their brains all day and mentally healthy. cigarette manufacturer largest in the world starts selling cigarettes with marijuana for medical use from 1 November 2015, that is, today.

This product is sold under the brand name "Marlboro M" and will be available in all licensed points of sale of marijuana. Norchik Serafin, senior vice president of Philip Morris Marketing, said in an interview: "Our company has long been engaged in the study of the cannabis market and made for a long-time monitoring. We finally decided to support the states in their right to legally use marijuana for health purposes."

Currently, the law restricts the purchase of one pack of cigarettes per day. Prices start at $ 89 per pack. In addition, you must be at least 21 years, and you must provide photo ID. Any attempt to resell cigarettes Philip Morris Marlboro "M" is subject to a fine and imprisonment, in accordance with local laws.

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