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Export of cigarettes from Ukraine to 3 times higher than imports

Ukraine in the last 7 months of this year exported cigarettes to $ 145,270,000 Ukraine in January-July 2016 exported cigars and cigarettes to $ 145,270,000. It is reported by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

The country's largest importer of cigarettes during the reporting period was Japan - $ 31.9 million, accounting for 22.02% of the total. In second place, Georgia - $ 27.5 million, accounting for 18.92%, the third - Azerbaijan, at $ 24.7 million, accounting for 16.99% of the total.

At the same time during the reporting period, the import of cigarettes was $ 47.6 million dollars.

For the last 7 months of this year Ukraine imported cigarettes from Ukraine - to $ 11.8 million, from Germany - to $ 9.1 million, from Poland - to $ 7.7 million.

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