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The ban on the sale of more than 20 cigarettes in a pack passed the first reading in the State Duma

The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill banning the sale of more than 20 cigarettes in a pack, according to "RIA Novosti".

The document previously supported by the government and the Duma Committee on Health. The cabinet stressed that support a ban only on condition that the term of the changes take effect will be completed.

In consideration of the Duma introduced the document the deputy chairman of the Committee on Health Sergey Dorofeev ( "United Russia"). In the explanatory memorandum emphasized that when buying large packs of cigarettes, consumers can save money, as the price per cigarette in this case reduced by 10-25%. However, this is contrary to the current legislation that prohibits any tobacco prices, sure Dorofeev.

Sale of large packs of cigarettes can lead to a reduction in revenues from excise taxes, he said. According to the calculations, which led United Russia, the amount of excise payments to the thousands of cigarettes sold in packs of large formats, "by 5-15% (depending on the size of the discounts and price range)," below those paid to the standard package.

Larger packs - 25-30 cigarettes - manufacturers have started to produce in response to the crisis. Such proposals as RBC wrote have JTI company, Philip Morris, BAT, «Don tobacco" and ITG. Only this sales format showed growth in real terms in 2015.

If MP amendments are adopted, they will complement the existing rules, which prohibit selling a pack of cigarettes more than 20 pieces. Thus, the only option for manufacturers will sell packs of 20 cigarettes.

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