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All about stick and pod flavors for lil HYBRID

Are you already familiar with lil HYBRID? This is a new tobacco heating system with unusual vaping chips. The gadget heats tobacco in sticks and liquid in pods at the same time. Lil Hybrid is designed for those who want to keep the familiar ritual and aroma of real tobacco, but at the same time want more aerosol or richer fruit flavors. Device users will need special MiiX sticks and pods designed for lil HYBRID. By adding a pod to the stick, when using lil HYBRID, a rich aerosol is formed in greater quantities than from tobacco heating systems. It remains only to find your tastes and find the right combination of sticks and pods for lil HYBRID. Let's show you how to do it.

More about lil HYBRID:

The new lil Hybrid is now in stock and available in bulk from Zotty LTD.

Heats sticks and liquid at the same time.

All about MiiX sticks for lil HYBRID: types, price, what's inside.

MiiX sticks are specially designed to be heated with lil HYBRID. Do not use these sticks with other tobacco heating systems. Also, you can not use Heets, Fiit and other sticks in Lil Hybrid. You will see why.

MiiX sticks have a different design than Heets and Fiit. The tobacco is “hidden” deep into the stick and fixed on both sides with acetate filter rings. At the bottom of the stick is a notch in the form of an asterisk. It is from it that you can determine which side to insert the stick into the heating chamber. At the moment of puffing, steam from the heated hearth passes through the hole in the stick and saturates the aerosol with steam.

In Ukraine, there are two types of MiiX sticks for lil HYBRID - tobacco MiiX Regular and MiiX Mix with fruit flavor and menthol.

Wholesale price of MiiX sticks for lil HYBRID - you can check with the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD

The lil HYBRID cartridge consists of a capsule with liquid and a built-in heating element in the form of a spiral. When puffed, the liquid from the hearth enters the wick and is converted into steam upon contact with the heating element. Each pod contains 1.3 ml of liquid, consisting of water, flavoring, glycerin and propylene glycol. All liquids in lil HYBRID cartridges are nicotine-free. Nicotine gets into the aerosol from the Mix sticks. Pods for lil HYBRID are disposable and are designed for approximately 20 sessions (one pack of sticks).

Now you can choose from 3 types of lil HYBRID trays: Magenta with a berry aroma, Coral with a fruity aroma and Regular with a neutral flavor.

lil HYBRID Regular - neutral pods in gray packaging that will not add additional flavor, but will reveal the taste of aerosol sticks.

lil HYBRID Coral is a yellow-packed pod with a sweet, fruity taste and a bright, rich aroma.

lil HYBRID Magenta - pods in pink packaging that complement the taste of the sticks with a sweet berry spray.

How to combine sticks and pods for lil HYBRID

Thanks to the variety of stick and pod flavors, at least 6 different flavor combinations can be created. Depending on which pods and sticks you choose for your session, the flavor of the spray can be more intense or less intense, with a pronounced sweetness, or more neutral, warm or refreshing.

We recommend starting with MiiX Regular sticks. A pure tobacco flavor is the perfect base to which different flavors can be added using pods. When combined with fruit or berry flavored servings, Coral and Magenta, you get a mix of sweet flavors without menthol and tobacco. The tobacco will be distinct but lighter than what you may have experienced with IQOS or lil SOLID.

And if you add a Regular cartridge to the MiiX Regular sticks, you get a bright tobacco flavor without additional shades, but with a thick and rich aerosol.

MiiX MiX sticks themselves have a rich aroma - with hints of fruit and menthol. If you mix them with different hearths, you can get unusual and interesting mixes.

If you take Regular pods with them, it will create a thick aerosol and reveal the sticks' own aroma to the maximum: tobacco, menthol freshness, fruity notes.

The combination of MiiX Mix sticks with fragrant Magenta and Coral fruit dishes will create a fruit and berry cocktail with fresh menthol notes. At the same time, a barely perceptible, light aroma of tobacco will remain.

Where to buy MiiX sticks and lil HYBRID pods.

MiiX and cartridges can be purchased in bulk from wholesaler Zotty LTD

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