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Dunhill Fine Cut Cigarette Test

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The Dunhill Master Blend cigarette test has already been done, now it's the Fine Cut's turn. So, the re-brand first touched on the design of the pack and the abolition of the "Red" variety. I still cannot judge how much the bag has changed, because I have not smoked it before.

The owner of the brand is still Dunhill Tobacco of London Ltd., and is produced by British American Tobacco or its subsidiaries.

Dunhill Fine Cut Swiss Blend. All cigarettes in this series are produced in long format (length 93 mm). From the design of a pack of cigarettes from the beginning of 2019, not only at least the stylized emblem disappeared, but also the corporate "D". The tutu has a deep black color, the surface is textured by a third, and all the inscriptions and a few graphic elements are in white. The construction of the pack is of high quality, made of thick cardboard, the corners are beveled.

There are twenty cigarettes in a pack, enclosed in a plastic wrap with an adhesive label, like modern Marlboros or Master Blend. The filter of the Fine Cut series cigarettes is still "elite" white. The design of the cigarettes includes a silvery, "checkerboard" pattern, repeating the texture of the pack, the name of the brand, below the black ribbon with the name of the series. The grade indicates the color of the ribbon.

The filter of cigarettes is double - most of the acetate fiber, and the smaller part of the acetate fiber with carbon chips. The filter of a cigarette, externally limited just by the tape with the name of the series, under the rim tape is the so-called "tobacco filter", that is, this space filled with tobacco, which is usually not smoked and is a natural filter. All varieties have the same filter, so I will not dwell on it in more detail.

A bag of cigarettes consists of about a third of light yellow fractions and two thirds of light yellow fractions. Brown leaf particles are found only sporadically. The slicing did not please me at all. It is much better in Master Blend. In the composition we have both thin ribbons, and thin cuts of the vein (fine cut?), And large flakes of surrogate tobacco. The presence of a large amount of a substitute in strong cigarettes does not fit with the concept of "quality cigarettes". Meanwhile, these are the strongest cigarettes in the series: resin 10 mg., Nicotine 0.9 mg., CO 10 mg.

However, cigarettes have a taste. Tobacco, with a bit of prunes, but somewhat diluted. However, the bitterness settling on the larynx is also present, especially clearly felt from the second half of the cigarette. The smoke "eats" the mucous membrane and does not attract the "premium". At the same time, the filter is rather soft, easily wrinkled and gets wet, allowing resin to pass through. They are not perceived as "strong" cigarettes, rather an average strength. These cigarettes did not impress me - insufficient strength, not sufficiently pronounced taste, weak filter.

Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend. The design and construction of the pack is completely similar to the "black" variety, with the only difference that the pack is blue.

There are twenty cigarettes in a pack of the same length - 93 mm. And the design of the cigarettes is the same, only the tape is blue, and the filter has one perforation line. Cigarettes are also enclosed in a plastic sheath with a valve that allows you to pull out no more than three cigarettes at a time.

Here the bag is different, here there are a good half of light yellow fractions. However, yellow-green ribbons, apparently of an oriental leaf, are rarely found among the yellow fractions. The cut still does not fit with the title of the series. What is "fine cut" if there are such large pieces of sheet among the tapes? The quality of the cut is about the same - ribbons, vein cuts, large pieces of leaf and enough surrogate. TTX: resin 6 mg, nicotine 0.6 mg. CO 7 mg. By the way, perhaps the "red" Dunhill was taken out of production, because their performance characteristics with the "blue" were almost the same, the difference was only in the resin content of 7 mg.

The smoke flavor is also present in this variety, but like the previous one, it is not rich enough to distinguish the brand. It tastes just like a cigarette, with a light bread note of Virginia. Bitterness is present here, but not so pronounced. Smoke is more loyal to the mucous membrane, and the fortress probably corresponds to the declared one. I would call these cigarettes more honest than the previous ones.

Dunhill Fine Cut Master Blend Blue. Yes, the story with color is the same as that of the "Master Blend" series - the pack is gray-silver, and it is called "Blue". Pack design and type, plastic valve, filter design - all the same.

And the design of cigarettes differs only in a light gray tape and a double perforation line on the filter. Everything else is the same.

The color of this bag is very similar to the Fine Cut Master Blend - an abundance of light yellow fractions, but there are no yellow-green fractions at all. But the slicing ... Is it Dunhill ?! Thin long ribbons interspersed with large pieces of leaves, longitudinal cuts of veins and not dry, but still "sticks". It's been a long time since I've seen such an outrage in premium cigarettes. These are the "lightest" cigarettes of the series, tth: resin 4 mg., Nicotine 0.4 mg., СО 4 mg. And without the presence of a surrogate leaf in the bag, of course, it was not without.

Despite the abundance of "garbage" in the bag, the taste is present but subtle and only at the very beginning - a very subtle fruity note. Which, however, by the middle of the cigarette disappears and only "air" remains. The strength, as well as satiety (or rather its absence), probably corresponds to ultra light cigarettes and will be appreciated only by lovers of the minimum strength.

In general terms - I’m the whole series, which is called "not to my liking." Not high quality bags, not worthy of a famous brand, dull design, not expressive taste, high price.

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