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IQOS Iluma Prime review

In September 2021, the list of tobacco heating systems was replenished with the new IQOS Iluma Prime. Following the trend of separating the device into a holder and a charging case, Philip Morris has once again beaten its competitors. Now there is no heating element in the tobacco heating system.

From now on, it is built into the sticks.

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What is IQOS Iluma Prime?

IQOS Iluma Prime is a tobacco heating system from Philip Morris, the so-called "IQOS 4". The new generation has brought to the recognizable brand a new tobacco heating technology, an incomparable design and special TEREA sticks that will open up a new, unique tobacco taste for any smoker.

Exceeding expectations, IQOS Iluma Prime showed the world a new stage in the development of tobacco heating systems - induction heating of sticks, which is different from heating with a chamber and using a blade / rod in the device on which the stick is mounted. The company has already patented the new technology and named it "Smart Core Induction System".

What it looks like - IQOS Iluma Prime?
iqos iluma prime wholesale delivery bulk supply

In total, IQOS Iluma Prime has four main colors: jade, golden khaki, black obsidian and rose gold. Unlike the original IQOS Iluma model, Prime does not repeat the design of the old generation cases - now the device does not have any latches and covers.

The aluminum case is elegantly wrapped in a magnetic “blanket”, securely covering the holder behind it. This part is not only amenable to customization, but can be either leather or metal, fabric.

iqos iluma prime wholesale delivery bulk supply

PMI should be given credit: the new IQOS Iluma Prime not only features a new holder design, but, like IQOS 3 DUOS, supports up to two sessions in a row. Several indicator lights are located right next to the button, and the interchangeable ring on the tip of the holder is also customizable, similar to the caps on previous models.

Characteristics of IQOS Iluma Prime

How many sticks can you smoke on a full charge?


How many sticks can you smoke in a row?


How long does one session last?

About 5 minutes

USB charging port type

Type-C | 2A

Time to fully charge

125 minutes with normal power adapter

How many degrees does IQOS Iluma Prime heat the stick?

350 °C

A heating element

Induction Chamber + Induction Stick

Main brand of sticks

TEREA™ sticks

Are there enhanced modes of operation?


Features of IQOS Iluma Prime and Regular Iluma

Unique "Smart Core Induction System" heating technology, split design, special vibration alarm system, Bluetooth support, auto power on, gesture control

Manufacturer company


Like other IQOS models, the device supports up to 20 sessions on a single battery charge and up to two sticks in a row. The average charging time from 0% to 100% is two hours, which, to be honest, is pretty good for a tobacco heating system.

In addition to the standard characteristics, which are already at a decent level, let's pay attention to three main features - communication via bluetooth, a gesture system and an induction heating system.

  1. With Bluetooth, everything is simple. Through a special mobile application, you can contact the device and find out its charge level, as well as enable or disable some exclusive features. A similar idea has already been implemented in IQOS devices, but now it has reached a new level.

  2. The auto power on (or auto heat) in IQOS Iluma Prime is included in the gesture control system. What does this mean? If you insert the stick into the holder, you do not need to press the button - the heating will start automatically. Also, with a few touches on the holder, you can find out how many puffs you have left. The accelerometer built into the holder, when the device is tilted, will illuminate the LEDs, also notifying about the operating time.

  3. The new heating system is the main success of the company. Induction heating technology (as in some cookers, for example) allows you to extract the maximum taste from tobacco without contaminating the device.

How IQOS Iluma Prime works. About tobacco induction heating technology
iqos iluma prime wholesale delivery bulk supply

In other heating systems, as in older IQOS models, the stick was heated either from the outside - using a heating chamber, or partially from the inside - using ceramic elements, such as a rod or blade, on which the stick is mounted. But Iluma went beyond the given opportunities.

IQOS Iluma Prime works as follows: a special sealed stick with a metal blade placed inside is inserted into the holder and begins to contact with a special magnetic field. With the help of electromagnetic induction, the blade in the stick, placed in this field, begins to quickly heat up to 350 ° C, without heating anything else. As a result, the tobacco sealed in the stick heats up only from the inside, giving off nicotine and some other substances into the aerosol, which the smoker inhales.

In order not to delay until the “Questions and Answers” section, we will immediately answer the question: “What is more harmful: the new IQOS Iluma Prime heating technology or the old one, as in IQOS 3 DUOS? Is the blade on the outside better or the blade on the inside?

The answer is simple - they are equal.

The new technology is aimed only at changing the taste and making the tobacco heating system more convenient to use, because there is no need for constant cleaning due to the accumulation of soot and tobacco residues on the walls of the heating chamber and the blade.

iqos iluma prime wholesale delivery bulk supply

Sticks for IQOS Iluma Prime — TEREA sticks



Sticks in a pack



Philip Morris

The main way to reveal taste

Induction blade

For the new IQOS Iluma Prime tobacco heating system, old sticks will not work at all. Moreover, this line of models is the only one from the company that will have its own “unique” sticks, like the e-cigarettes of competitors glo and Ploom S. There are no analogues compatible with the new model.

iqos iluma prime wholesale delivery bulk supply

TEREA sticks are designed in such a way: a bag of tobacco together with flavors is sealed in a stick-capsule with a metal blade placed inside. After inserting the stick into the IQOS, the induction currents generated by the device's magnetic field heat ONLY the blade inside the stick, thus starting the process of evaporation of liquids from the surface of the tobacco leaf.

iqos iluma prime wholesale delivery bulk supply

To put it simply, the new sticks for IQOS TEREA are distinguished by the fact that:

  • Completely sealed, which means that there is no need to clean the device.

  • Each stick has a new blade, which means that each stick will have a “clean” taste.

  • Reduced odor compared to older models.

It's no secret that the sticks' taste is constantly changing due to carbon deposits on the heating blade of past models, and their smell is often compared to the smell of "wet dog" or "nasty popcorn." Now the smell will not be so sharp, and the taste will become clean and bright.

Pros and cons of IQOS Iluma Prime


  1. Innovative tobacco flavor transfer system, new sticks;

  2. No need for constant cleaning;

  3. Minimum breakage: case without mechanical lid and holder without heating blade;

  4. Minimum unpleasant odors;

  5. Customization and spectacular design, like all IQOS models;

  6. Communication with a mobile phone via Bluetooth and "smart control" through gestures.


  1. Unique Sticks

  2. The cost of the device;

  3. There is no compatibility with sticks from other manufacturers, as well as with the usual HEETS;

My review of IQOS Iluma Prime

The latest generation IQOS Iluma Prime tobacco heating system is an excellent alternative to classic smoking and a device that is perfect for a beginner. This model is the flagship and is in the forefront of tobacco heating systems in 2021-2022, which means that only Ploom X and glo HYPER + can be called full-fledged competitors.

iqos iluma prime wholesale delivery bulk supply

The advantages of the device amaze the imagination of any fan of electronic cigarettes - its capabilities are truly "new". What can we say about the new technology of heating tobacco! The new IQOS model did something that no one had done before - closed the two main brand vulnerabilities:

  • An unpleasant smell from sticks that many do not like.

  • Breakdowns and constant cleaning.

Now the device does not need to be cleaned, and the heating blade simply cannot be broken. IQOS Iluma Prime is perfect for the role of an expensive and status accessory, giving you not only nicotine, but also a status in the eyes of others.

What's better? IQOS Iluma Prime or regular IQOS Iluma?

Indeed, the company introduced these two models at the same time, but the difference between them is not as great as many assume. Being with the same holder, the regular Iluma does not have a unique case design and uses a case similar to IQOS 3 DUOS.

There are no more differences between them.

Should I switch to IQOS Iluma Prime? Maybe stay on DUOS?

One thing I can tell you for sure - with the new model you will not be able to use the old sticks. Any old sticks. If you are fans of nicotine-free sticks for IQOS, then you will have to give them up. The device uses TEREA sticks with a built-in blade that is capable of creating induction currents - neither other companies nor older models of the brand have such technology.

In other words, if:

  1. Do you like nicotine-free sticks?

  2. You like a wide range of different sticks from different manufacturers.

  3. Вам не хочется тратить на курение больше, ведь новые стики будут дороже обычных.

Feel free to stay on IQOS 3 DUOS or on the same lil SOLID 2.0.

Can I quit smoking with IQOS Iluma Prime?

Alas, any tobacco heating system is an alternative to conventional smoking. It can be used to quit smoking, but ... it will be difficult to do this. Since IQOS allows you to heat tobacco without burning it, it is without a doubt safer than regular cigarettes by 90~%.

Where can I buy IQOS iluma Prime in bulk quantities with delivery?

IQOS iluma, iluma Prime, One - Wholesale.

All colors in stock

  • Jade Green

  • Gold Khaki

  • Bronze Taupe

  • Obsidian Black

Made in Malaysia

MOQ: wholesale only

You can purchase IQOS iluma Prime

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