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lil HYBRYD: new hybrid technology is already in stock. Heats sticks and liquid at the same time.

A device with an unusual hybrid technology that heats sticks and hearths with liquid at the same time can already be bought in bulk.

lil Hybrid are available for wholesale supply from Zotty LTD

lil HYBRID - advanced tobacco heating system with vape effect.

il HYBRID is a tobacco heating system with unusual vaping functions. This gadget not only heats tobacco sticks, but additionally saturates the aerosol with aromatic vapor from a separate cartridge. This technology came to us from South Korea, a land of innovation and fantastic gadgets.

lil Hybrid, on the one hand, has kept the ritual habitual to smokers and users of tobacco heating systems. The device heats a stick with natural tobacco. A session of use is designed for 14 puffs (on average, a cigarette is enough for the same amount). The battery power is enough to cover a day of use (20 sticks x 1 pod).

On the other hand, the device has many new features.

First, Lil Hybrid generates a lot of aerosol from their cartridge fluid. Not as much as vaping, but more than tobacco heating systems.

Secondly, thanks to hybrid technology, the device allows you to create flavors that cannot be obtained simply by heating the stick. By combining different sticks and liquids, you can independently adjust how much fruity aroma will be in the taste, how much tobacco, and how much menthol.

Do you want to get a fruity aroma without menthol, and even such that you can hardly smell tobacco behind it? Try the classic Regular tobacco stick, but with a fruit (Magenta) or berry (Coral) cartridge.

We need an even more concentrated fruit flavor and a little menthol freshness, replace the MiiX Regular sticks with the fruity MiiX Mix.

Prefer pure tobacco, but with a lot of aerosol? Add to unflavored tobacco sticks.

Thirdly, the lil Hybrid does not need cleaning. This device does not have a heating element (the stick heats up along the contour from the walls of the chamber), so the sticks for it have a special design. The tobacco is "hidden" inside the stick and closed on both sides with filter rings. Thus, the tobacco does not come into contact with the heating chamber, does not remain inside and does not contaminate the device. The lil Hybrid doesn't even come with a cleaning brush. It is simply not needed. But just in case, we added dry cotton swabs to the package (in case you notice that condensation from steam has collected inside the device) and a plastic hairpin (suddenly insert the stick inadvertently, so that the lower part of the filter gets stuck in the device - the hairpin will help you get it out ).

Fourth, the aerosol lil Hybrid has a light and pleasant smell, more reminiscent of the flavored vapor of electronic cigarettes.

Lil Hybrid looks also unusual, like a gadget from the future. The OLED display has replaced the LED indicators. It shows the charge level, how many puffs are left until the end of the session and how much liquid is left in the cartridge, gives tips for use. The device has buttonless control. Insert the cartridge and stick - heating starts automatically.

The gadget still has one button, it is located above the screen, but it is only useful for checking the charge or rebooting.

Four colors available - white, black, blue, bronze.

lil HYBRID: price, where to buy in bulk?

lil Hybrid can be ordered from a wholesale supplier - zotty ltd.

The best prices and conditions for the supply of tobacco products.


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