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Stick flavors for IQOS and lil SOLID: Fiit Regular Sky and Tropic

At the end of 2020, a new brand of Fiit tobacco heating sticks appeared with three flavors: Viola (berries + menthol), Crisp (citrus + herbs + menthol) and Regular (pure tobacco).

And now the summer of 2021 and finally we even have two new flavors of Fiit sticks - Tropic (pineapple + menthol) and Regular Sky (light tobacco).

Today we'll talk about them.

Fiit are available for wholesale supply from Zotty LTD

The first thing to say is that Fiit sticks are suitable for two gadgets at once: IQOS and lil SOLID.

They have the same size, and glycerin-impregnated tobacco, and they are produced in the same factory in Italy, in Bologna.

Therefore, you can use both lil with HEETS and Fiit with IQOS.

This is quite convenient, since the choice of sticks becomes simple, in a good way, monstrous:

5 Fiit flavors, 14 Heets flavors and three more premium flavors in the Dimensions line.


But let's talk about Fiit.

New sticks appeared in two categories at once: tobacco - Regular Sky and fruit - Tropic.

So, those who loved cigarettes without capsules and other flavors, as well as those who prefer fresh and fruity flavors, will be able to pick up something.

Fiit Regular Sky

The taste of these sticks is described as tobacco, with herbaceous notes. We tried it and found no herbal aftertaste. So we do not advise you to wait for it, unless you look very carefully. But I think this is good. Fiit Regular Sky tastes the most like HEETS Silver - a light, unobtrusive tobacco taste with a pleasant tobacco aftertaste.

Regular Sky is less saturated than its predecessors Fiit Regular in a pack with blue stripes.

So, it should be suitable for those who do not like menthol and prefer a pure tobacco aroma, but rather light than strong.

Fiit Tropic

According to the description on the official website - tropical, fruity, with menthol freshness. What is it really? Sticks smell like pineapple.

The smell is pleasant, juicy, not cloying. It is felt as soon as you open the pack. If these sticks were a cocktail, it would be a light tropical sour - moderately sweet, moderately refreshing and moderately strong.

If someone has tried HEETS Tropical Swift, it will be very easy to explain the taste of these new fruity Fiit, since it is almost an exact analogue of them at a very loyal price. Maybe subjectively Fiit Tropical feels a little stronger.

Hopefully, the Fit range will expand more actively in the future, and soon we will see more different flavors. Both tobacco - of different strengths, and more exotic, fruity, or not at all similar to anything.

Where can I buy wholesale Fiit Sticks?

Fiit Sticks in bulk you can buy from a wholesale supplier - Zotty LTD


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