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Terea for IQOS iluma: stick flavors

Sticks for IQOS ILUMA European version - TEREA sticks.

Wholesale supplies of Terea sticks from a wholesale supplier - Zotty LTD

TEREA for IQOS iluma sticks: how are they different from HEETS

Their main difference from HEETS is the built-in blade. Inside the tobacco bag is a steel plate heated by induction.

These sticks have been created specifically for the IQOS iluma which does not have a blade. Mini cigarettes are closed on all sides, due to which carbon deposits do not form in the heating chamber and there are no tobacco crumbs left. Thanks to this innovation, the taste of the sticks has significantly improved - the unpleasant notes characteristic of IQOS have disappeared.

According to user reviews, the new bag design is very convenient. The device does not need to be cleaned, there is no risk of blade breakage. IQOS iluma has become easier and more enjoyable to use, and its sticks are tastier and more fragrant. We will talk about them in more detail.

Only specialized TEREA sticks are suitable for IQOS iluma! The use of conventional HEETS will contaminate the device and cause an unpleasant odor. Conversely, Terea cannot be used in other IQOS models. The steel plate may damage the rod.


The taste is described as fresh menthol with hints of lightly roasted tobacco and spices. According to reviews, it is almost indistinguishable from menthol cigarettes.

Their strength is average or even slightly lower. The taste is similar to the forgotten Turquoise Label.


According to the description and reviews, these mini cigarettes have a refreshing menthol flavor with hints of wild berries.

The sticks are very fragrant, but not chemical. Fortress - medium, closer to light. I prophesy them the same popularity as Purple Wave.


Terea burgundy sticks, whose name translates as "red" or "red-brown".

They are very strong, with an intense taste of roasted tobacco and malt.


Terea Bronze - brown with a bronze sheen. The name of the sticks does not need to be translated - it is clear and so. Their taste is soft tobacco, with a hint of cocoa and dried fruits.

An interesting combination, I came across pipe tobacco with similar notes, and it became one of my favorites. Strength is slightly above average. These are our favorite Bronze Labels in a new version.


The taste of roasted tobacco is combined with tea and woody tones.

According to smokers, it is very similar to cigarettes.

They are quite strong - they smoke well from 1 piece.