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Tobacco Sticks HEETS Wholesale | bulk supply

heets wholesale supply delivery bulk

Wholesale supply of tobacco sticks Heets.

These are direct deliveries from the original stick distributor.

Deliveries are made by land freight transport across Europe, by Sea and Air to distant foreign countries.

All products are fresh, do not exceed 30 days from the date of production.

Heets are available for wholesale supply from Zotty LTD

The minimum order quantity is 100 master case. Each mc contains 50 sleeve/500pack's.

In stock the entire range of products presented by the manufacturer.

Tobacco Sticks HEETS Wholesale

In the presence of Sticks HEETS (Duty Free) with the English text warning the Ministry of Health.

HEETS with Korean text warnings from the Ministry of Health.

Sticks for the Korean market.

IQOS 한국 시장을위한 스틱

HEETS with Japanese text warnings from Ministry of Health. Sticks for the Japanese market

IQOS 日本市場にこだわる

To order in bulk, you can contact us through our website Zotty LTD


Vyacheslav Zub
Vyacheslav Zub
Aug 23, 2019

Dear Clients! Please contact us through the contact form for all questions. Best regards Zotty LTD


Unknown member
Aug 22, 2019

Hello. You do delivery to Taiwan?


Aug 19, 2019


Can you give me price for Japanese Heets. Need 250 master case In assortment!


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