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Wholesale supply. Cigarettes bulk. Popular brands of cigarettes.

Cigarettes wholesale supply - zotty ltd

Cigarettes wholesale, cigrettes stock, cigarettes bulk, cigarettes duty free

The price of tobacco products is constantly growing, but people who buy cigarettes do not become less, for a number of reasons.

Buying cigarettes in bulk will be the best decision in business, you can make good money on wholesale transactions with cigarettes, the demand for popular brands of cigarettes is constantly growing.

Wholesaler Zotty LTD offers wholesale cigarettes for entrepreneurs and large traders.

Assortment of tobacco products

The supplier offers to buy cigarettes of various brands at the best prices. The minimum purchase starts from 100 boxes. In the supplier's catalog you will find popular cigarettes from manufacturers such as Philip Morris, BAT, JTI:







and many other popular brands.

From the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD you can buy cigarettes directly from the official distributor authorized by the factory, this guarantees their original origin, quality and reliability of the transaction.

Varieties of different versions depending on the region and sales markets.

All brands of tobacco products have differences not only in taste and strength, but also in the territorial version of the sales markets - European markets, Arab markets, Asian markets.

Wholesale supply. Cigarettes bulk.

The main direction of the Zotty wholesaler is the goods of the European markets of the Duty Free version.

Arab and Asian markets with Smart Seal pre-order. You can also order products with a territorial reference to the Arab market GCC version.

Marlboro Smart Seal

Marlboro Less Smell

Marlboro GCC

You can buy cheap cigarettes in bulk from the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD, where customers can find various types of tobacco products:

Marlboro, Parliament, Dunhill, Davidoff, Camel, L&M, Winston etc.


HEETS, Marlboro, Fiit and accessories for them IQOS 3 Duo, Lil Solid 2.0

Terea and accessories for them IQOS Iluma, Iluma Prime, Iluma One.

Miix and accessories for them Lil hybrid.

Why is it profitable to buy from Zotty LTD?

The supplier offers to buy cigarettes in bulk, the catalog contains only proven and high-quality goods.

Also among the advantages of buying from Zotty are the following:

Delivery cigarettes, cigarettes wholesale, container of cigarettes

- Large selection of original and popular brands of cigarettes;

- Always fresh products directly from the distributor.

- Replenishment of the range on an ongoing basis;

- Acceptable prices;

- Fast deliveries of cigarettes by sea or air;

Purchasing cigarettes from Zotty in bulk will be the best solution for the further sale of the product, and will also help to significantly save money on wholesale purchases.

Making a purchase.

To order cigarettes in bulk, contact the supplier Zotty LTD in a convenient way for you.

Zotty LTD guarantees the supply of fresh products with a production date of no more than 30-60 days and delivery of the order on time.

Wholesale supply. Cigarettes bulk. Popular brands of cigarettes.

Marlboro gold wholesale supply delivery bulk

Cigarettes wholesale


MOQ - *** master cases


- Sea, Air, Truck

Price: *** USD/mc


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