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HEETS Amelia Pearl - a new fragrance with hints of watermelon

Wholesale deliveries of Heets - Zotty LTD

HEETS Amelia Pearl
Heets wholesale

Do you want to have control over what flavor your tobacco filling gives you? In addition to quality tobacco, are you looking for something fresh and juicy to taste? We have a new product for you: HEETS Amelia Pearl. Enjoy the combination of a quality tobacco filling with a capsule, the activation of which is completely in your hands.

After a hot summer P.M. decided to please us with an even hotter novelty. We have prepared a fragrance with hints of watermelon in a new product - HEETS Amelia Pearl. Thanks to him, we will be able to remember sunny summer days all year round.

The juicy and refreshing taste of watermelon perfectly complements the high-quality tobacco blend and thus adds another gem to our line of fresh HEETS flavors with fruity tones. The imaginary gem in the name is a special capsule hidden in the latest HEETS fragrance. You can enjoy IQOS even without a capsule. But when you activate it - click on it - get ready for an explosion of flavor.

HEETS Amelia Pearl
Heets Aroma
You can purchase new Amelia Pearl HEETS in bulk from wholesale supplier Zotty LTD.
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HEETS Amelia Pearl - Wholesale

Large assortment of original HEETS for Duty Free sale.

Always fresh goods do not exceed 30-60 days from the date of production.

Philip Morris - ITALY.

MOQ - ** cartons

Heets sticks can be purchased in bulk from the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD


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