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Fiit sticks. Does Fiit to IQOS?

The main question that interests all users of tobacco heating systems is whether the new Fiits fit IQOS or can they only be used with Lil Solid.

Let's not drag out the intrigue, we answer right away:

Fiit is coming to IQOS, Heets is coming to Lil Solid.

Fiit are available for wholesale supply from Zotty LTD

So far, there are only three flavors in the Fiit line - Regular, Crisp and Viola. The packs of these sticks are easily recognizable by their blue color.

Conveniently, the entire range of IQOS and lil devices support all the sticks produced by Philip Morris. You can mix any tastes with any devices and you won't get anything for it.

Glo, for example, has different sticks for different devices. This is somehow not logical, given that there is only one manufacturer. It turns out that the device needs to be selected according to tastes, and not just try all the new items and change tastes as you like.

Although the Fiit brand appeared in Korea, with the introduction of Lil in Europe, the stick production was moved to Italy. These Fiits that we are testing today are made in Bologna, in the same factory where Heets are made.

We have verified that these sticks are the same size as regular Heets. The length and width are almost the same.

Accordingly, they can be used with both IQOS and the new Lil Solid. We have experienced this personally.

Fiit Regular

Sticks in a blue pack with blue stripes.

Classic tobacco sticks. The simple, understandable taste of good tobacco. Medium in strength, but with a rich taste.

After puffs, there is no heaviness and lump in the throat, as is the case with some cigarettes.

Similar to pure tobacco hits: Bronze, Amber, Yellow, Silver. Personally, Regular reminds me the most of Amber.

If you have smoked cigarettes without capsules before, then you will love these sticks.

Fiit Crisp

Sticks in a blue pack with green and yellow stripes.

The first impression of the taste is a lot of freshness. So much that it seems like the aerosol is cold. It tastes like mint candies, lemon and some herbs.

Lovers of mojito and green tea will definitely love it.

Compared to Heets, Green Zing is the closest. They are both light green in color. But Crisp, it seems to me, is still more intense and “cold”. For the summer - perfect.

Sticks are definitely cool. If you've had a preference for menthol capsule cigarettes before, this Fiit Crisp is for you. But again, it is difficult to compare with cigarettes.

Fiit Viola

Stickers in a blue pack with lilac stripes.

As soon as you open the pack, you immediately feel a sweet smell.

The taste is very similar to mint gum with berries. Sweet menthol with blueberries or even blueberries.

The tobacco is not felt at all. We can say that they are the opposite of regular Heets and the same Fiit Regular. If you love tasty sticks, Viola is for you.

If you choose an alternative among the usual Heets, then the closest, of course, is Purple. Only Viola is a little sweeter.

Don't like the taste and smell of cigarettes? Choose Viola too. The smell of the aerosol is pleasant enough.

You can buy Fiit in bulk

HeatSticks Fiit you can buy from a wholesale supplier - Zotty LTD


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