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Flavors of IQOS 2020 HEETS Creations

Heets are available for wholesale supply from Zotty LTD

In early 2020, the company released new sticks for IQOS Heets Creations.

They are presented in four flavors: APRICITY, NOOR, GLAZE, YUGEN.

What is the difference between HEETS Creations and other IQOS sticks?

In Heets Creations, nothing has changed in composition: the mass of tobacco is 6.1 g. The manufacturing technology also remains the same. Therefore, outwardly, the sticks are no different from their predecessors.

A number of differences are still present. Something pleased, something disappointed. The fact that the new sticks for Aykos have different flavoring shades can be guessed. As before, tastes are determined by the colors of the package. They differ in other indicators.

Pros of new flavors - The new flavors of IQOS have become richer and softer at the same time. The specific smell of smoke, on the contrary, decreased. The taste of the stick matches the name. The aroma is perceived evenly, in balance. Tobacco is moderately packed, it enters the holder like clockwork. Heets Creations have an original design, I would even say stylish: black tutu with colored pearl inserts.
Minuses - Higher price than traditional sticks. Fragrances have not changed dramatically, let's say, “upgraded” the old. There are many more advantages. Now let's talk about the tastes of the new sticks for Aykos, and what they remind in comparison with the previous ones.


Opening the pack, you feel a light mint aroma, that fresh chord, which manufacturers declare. New purple sticks are distinguished by a combination of rich floral and fruity aromas, maybe even too saturated. This is for everybody.

The promised floral taste is not immediately felt. Perhaps the smell of mint is to blame, which manufacturers only hint at, but it is also quite strong. After a few puffs, a light, unobtrusive shade of lavender appears. What fruit can you compare with? Reminds a ripe pear. The aftertaste gives jasmine tea.

Around the fourth puff, a pleasant aroma is felt, very reminiscent of Purple from the previous collection, but more pleasant. We can say that in this case the description of the aroma corresponds to the declared one. Strong enough. Hardly suitable for everyday life.

It is worth noting that Yugen smoke more than the rest.


Manufacturers present orange sticks as having a strong, warm fruity taste with velvety creamy notes.

At the first puff, woody notes are felt. Fruit - the most noticeable on exhalation, some are compared with dried apricots. A cream shade appears around the middle. The taste is as close as possible to tobacco. Steam can be described as saturated, powerful.

Overall spicy aroma. Heets Creations Apricity is a good option for continuous use. The fortress is slightly above average. It resembles orange and bronze sticks, but it feels softer.


In Noor, according to the manufacturer, two main aromas were combined: walnut and citrus. Opening a pack with a brown insert, you smell lime, not nut paste, as expected. Citrus prevails, drowning out the nut.

In Noor, the smell of tobacco is noticeable, but the nut-citrus flavor makes it softer, more tender. When smoking, notes of pineapple, lemon, lime and orange are felt. This taste does not cause great emotions and impressions. Just soft, nice. This is the case when it is not so important why the new IQOS sticks, simplicity and softness create a good impression and determine the choice.

When compared with its predecessors, it resembles yellow and gold sticks. By fortress belong to the easy option. Suitable as everyday. Reviews about the quality of the new product are mostly positive.


Opening the pack, you smell a bright smell of mint. The manufacturer presents Glaze as a mix of aromatic herbs and spices. At the finish should be a pleasant creamy finish.

In reality, it can be described as a daring “Tic-tac”, hence the result is freshness and chill in the mouth. There is a powerful menthol aroma and light notes of spices, which are difficult to say because of mint. Basil and vanilla may be present. You can feel the chef's involvement in the development of new IQOS tastes. Creamy aftertaste can be called into question, almost not felt. If it had not been written on a pack, then you could not talk about it at all.

The strength of green sticks is difficult to evaluate, since it is mint that softens the sensations. It tastes like turquoise sticks from the previous collection. It will delight lovers of menthol aromas.

Where can I buy new HEETS in bulk?
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Wholesale deliveries you can ordered from Zotty.

HEETS Amelia Pearl - Wholesale

Large assortment of original HEETS for Duty Free sale.

Always fresh goods do not exceed 30-60 days from the date of production.

Philip Morris - ITALY.

MOQ - 5000 cartons

Heets sticks can be purchased in bulk from the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD

New sticker tastes met expectations. It is more intense, pleasant, including for others, mild tastes. There were no shortcomings, and we can say for sure that the new items work stably.

A line for true gourmets. What tastes to choose, everyone decides for himself.


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