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New taste of HEETS sticks for IQOS! Ruby Fuse-berry WITHOUT menthol

heets wholesale supply delivery bulk

New sticks are already in stock for wholesale deliveries from Zotty LTD

Heets Ruby Fuse - This is already the second flavored flavor in the HEETS stick line without

menthol. HEETS Ruby Fuse has a delicate aroma of red berries without menthol.

The bright fruity taste on its own gives a slight sensation of freshness, but without

hint of mint and menthol.

What is the flavor of the new HEETS Ruby Fuse sticks?

The new HEETS Ruby Fuse has no analogues in taste in the current line of sticks.

This is a completely new, unusual and self-sufficient taste.

As soon as you open the pack, you will probably smell a delicate berry scent.

When used in an aerosol, the berry aroma definitely dominates, tobacco is clearly felt, there is no menthol at all. Taste of medium intensity, berry-tobacco, slightly sweet.

The left side of the pack is painted diagonally in a translucent shade of dark pink, and the side part is painted in a juicy raspberry color.

heets wholesale supply delivery bulk

Who might like the new HEETS Ruby Fuse

You might like Ruby Fuse if:

- You like bright fruity flavors, but without menthol

- You like tobacco sticks, but sometimes you would like to add some sweet berry or fruit notes to them

- You like warm, but at the same time fresh flavors..

Heets Ruby Fuse: taste and strength
heets wholesale supply delivery bulk

The aroma is berries, and I can’t say that it’s chemical. It is quite acceptable for flavored mini-cigarettes.

After heating, there is a tobacco taste with notes of cranberries, cherries, viburnum and flowering wild rose. There is no menthol.

A rather unusual combination, usually berry sticks are very similar to each other, mostly the saturation changes. By the way, it is medium here, and the fortress is light.

Where can I buy Heets Ruby Fuse in bulk?
heets wholesale supply delivery bulk

New taste of HEETS sticks for IQOS

heets wholesale supply delivery bulk
Heets Rudy Fuse

HEETS Ruby Fuse - Wholesale

Large assortment of original HEETS for Duty Free sale.

Always fresh goods do not exceed 30-60 days from the date of production.

Philip Morris - ITALY.

MOQ - 5000 cartons

Heets sticks can be purchased in bulk from the wholesale supplier Zotty LTD


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